Blühendes Barock Ludwigsburg (blooming baroque)

A feast for the senses: the gardens surrounding the residential palace of Ludwigsburg. On an area of over 30 hectares you'll find magnificent garden design from a variety of eras and regions. For example there's the "Broderie" parterre – a formal Baroque "embroidered garden" – and the aviaries with indigenous and exotic birds from all over the world in the North Garden, or the multicoloured flowers and gravel ornaments framed by magnificent avenues of chestnut trees in the South Garden. And don't forget the "Valley of Birdsong" leading to the romantic Emichsburg castle and a lake with a waterfall. Allow some time for a pleasant break at the park café, too.

Fairy-Tale Garden
There is also something for the little ones: the fantastic magical world with more than 30 fairytale scenes, which tell about secret beings in a fabulous world.
Where does the frog prince live? And what does sleeping beauty look like? What kind of tricks do Max and Moritz play? Come and be enchanted...

Location & Contact

Blühendes Barock Ludwigsburg
Schorndorfer Straße 28
71640 Ludwigsburg

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