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Degerloch / Zacke (Degerloch / “Zacke” Rack Railway)

Affectionately known as “Zacke” to Stuttgart’s inhabitants, the rack railway is one of only four of its kind left in Germany. During the ride you can see for miles over Stuttgart’s valley basin. The 2.2-km-long track spans a difference in altitude of 210 metres.

The “Zacke” station is directly opposite the Citytour bus stop. From here it’s only a 10-minute trip down to Marienplatz, where you can either continue your Citytour (the “Marienplatz” bus stop is 50 metres from the rack railway station), or alternatively take the rack railway back to the top of the hill.

Please note: Your Citytour ticket does not include the rack railway!
Please purchase a ticket for 2 zones.
With a valid StuttCard PLUS you have free travel.

Opening hours

Rack Railway Timetable:
Mon –Sat 5.15 am – 8.45 pm every 15 min.,
Sun, bank holidays 6.30 am – 7.30 am every 30 min., 8 am – 8.45 pm every 15 min.

Location & Contact

Degerloch / Zacke
70597 Stutgart

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