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On the outskirts of Stuttgart, bordering on Bad Cannstatt, is Fellbach, the "Gateway" to the Rems Valley at the foot of the Kappelberg surrounded by the Neckar and the Rems on the Wuerttemberg wine street and the Rems Valley route which also is rich in wine.
Characteristic is the mixture of historic and modern buildings, agricultural tradition as well as industrial output, pleasant tranquility and contemporary openness.

Fellbach lies in a landscape which is full of history. Sensational findings from the time of the Celts ("forged deer"), the Romans ("Mithra's Sanctuary") and the Alemanni (graves) prove the culture historical wealth of the area. First mentioned in documents in the year 1121, Fellbach is also an original cell of the Swabian pietism. During the 19th and 20th century, the Wengerterdorf (wine gardening village) at the foot of the Kappelberg (market town since 1811) developed with progressive success to a community of its own and self-conscious coinage. Adopted as a city in 1933 and a district city in 1956, in the years 1973/74 Fellbach combined with the neighboring communities of Schmiden and Oeffingen to become the second largest city in the Rems-Murr District which can assert itself as a community political, economic and cultural city in the direct vicinity of the state capital Stuttgart.

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i-Punkt Fellbach
Marktplatz 7
70734 Fellbach

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