Fortified Church Merklingen

In Merklingen, a district of Weil der Stadt, visitors will find a fortress with a difference: a fortified church. The so-called moat wall surrounding the church was completely rebuilt in 1983. In addition, there's a well-preserved gate tower, two wall turrets, the Stone House, which underwent thorough renovation in 1997, and a donjon-like church tower.

Today, they convey a vivid impression of the extent and the cohesive nature of the complex. In the 16th century the town, including the fortified church and the former castle now known as the Stone House, was still in the possession of Herrenalb Monastery.

Opening hours

Outdoor area all year round.

Location & Contact

Kirchenburg Merklingen
Kirchengraben-/ Hausener Straße
71263 Weil der Stadt - Merklingen

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