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Hiltenburg Castle

Hiltenburg Castle in the Upper Fils Valley stands on the strategically advantageous, 707-m-high conical mountain peak of the Schlossberg, overlooking Bad Ditzenbach. Up until the 16th century it was the seat of the Counts of Helfenstein. In 1516 it was destroyed by Duke Ulrich of Württemberg, who was passing through on his way from Blaubeuren to Stuttgart. A cannonball from the Hiltenburg happened to land in Ulrich's camp, and this caused the Duke, who was known for his extremely hot temper, to have his men burn down the castle. The extensive complex is at present undergoing repairs and renovation by the "Förderverein Hiltenburg" friends' association.

Two vaulted cellars have been excavated, and archaeological finds attest that the Hiltenburg site was already populated as far back as the Bronze Age (c. 1000 BC). From the observation platform of the Hiltenburg's tower hikers can enjoy magnificent views of the Upper Fils Valley.

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Burgruine Hiltenburg
73342 Bad Ditzenbach

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